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This term in Room 2 we have had a big writing focus. We start the morning everyday with 5 minutes of imagination creation. Miss Hubac puts a picture or a video clip up on the board and we have 5 minutes to write creatively about it. To publish some of our writing we have used Imovie to create a digital story or pages to create a creative page. Check out some of our publishing below!
We would love you to leave some feedback on our writing!
We have also been learning about report writing. We have been learning how to research effectively using the library and search engines on the internet. The note taking skills we have been practising will help us to research for our reports.

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Welcome Back Room 2 - So great to see all of your smiling faces again!
As promised here is the link for the xtramath site so you can test yourself on your basic facts every day! Remember to sign in with our class email address -
If you have forgotten the password make sure you copy it down tomorrow :)

Wednesday 28th Sepember
Yesterday the senior school walked down to Bayfield Park for an Athletics Day. We did sprints, long jump, high jump, shot put and discus. For lunch we got to have sausages and bread with sauce. In the afternoon the junior school came. On the way back to school we had to walk up Dunrobin Street with a buddy from room 5.
By Josef, Maia and Sophie.

Monday 26th September
Wow! what a great day we had at the fair yesterday, well done Room 2! You did a fantastic job of running the children's games with room 1. I was very impressed and you helped to raise heaps of money for the school :)
Today we welcomed Konrad into our class, he has joined us from the West Coast and we are all very excited to have him as part of our team.
Remember to wear your sports uniform tomorrow for the athletics day and bring warm clothes as it is likely to be chilly!
Miss H

Monday 20TH september
Today at writing we started doing our writing process we started with planning and organizing which is planning our persuasive writing. At the start we had to choose from a list (that we chose our selves) of topics that we want to be as our writing topic.
Some of the topics were...
Children don't get enough pocket money.
Children don't get enough excercise.
Too much rubbish in the ocean.
Grants Braes school having a uniform.
We made a check list to use to make sure we include important parts of an exposition.
some of the things we are trying to include are...
Opinions-If you are against it or not.
Facts-Using true information to back up your topic.
Rhetorical Questions-Asking the reader a question to make them think.
Emotive Language-Making the reader feel something.
Exaggeration-bieng over the top about certain points.
Personal Pronouns-Using words including the reader eg. you, us, we, our.
Direct Instructions-Telling the reader to do or think something...

By Briar and Summer.

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Thursday the 15th of September
In room 2 every day we do reading. there is many different things we can do. we can do novel challenge,laptops reading activities and extras. with reading activities we are practising understanding our reading and visualising and many many more reading strategies. At the moment with the teacher we have been reading persuasive writing to help us understand whats in a persuasive arugument.

Everyday at school have a shared story. Miss H reads us finders keepers and we have a choice to read along or listen along. The book is about a boy who has to play a gameshow in another world.

By Alex,Josef and Ewan.


By Liam and Riley :-p
Today in Room 2 we had Bible in schools. Our teachers name is Mrs Zeawald. We learnt about Kate Sheppard
who is on the $10 note. She fought for the rights of women so now women have the right to vote. Every Friday we have Bible In Schools here are some photos of today's Bible In Schools session.
By Blake, Mitchell & Lachlan :D

Thursday 8th september
At Grant's Braes School we have some teams for a current events quiz. Which is why Room2 and Room1 visit the Kiwi Kids News website every morning to catch up with the news. Each term everyone completes the kiwi kids current events quiz to try and improve our score. We have a thing where some people have to bring an article of news for homework. Here is a movie about us catching up with current events.
-Summer, Saskia and Kirsty
See the link above to visit the Kiwi kids news website.

wednesday 7th september
today all of room 1 and 2 went on a bus to Moana pool for our swimming lessons for half of it we were in the wave pool and the other half we were in the lanes for our lessons. We focused on things like breaststroke, freestyle, breathing positions and backstroke.we think it swimming is important because it helps save lives!
By Macee, Briar and Jack

Tuesday 6th September
This week we are begininning Pent-A-Blogging! Check out the Pent-A-blog page to find out more about this exciting new experience!
Each day in Room 2 we have three "E-Reporters" their job is to answer the question "What are we learning today?" They then have to post one entry onto the homepage about one thing we learnt about that day. We started last week and Alex, Josef, and Maia decided to share what the Diamonds had been learning in maths that day. Jared, Ben, and Paris were our E-Reorters today. Below is their post about beginning Te Reo Kori.

Te Reo Kori

Today we did Te Reo Kori we used poi's and Rakau. Green and Red house did Rakau and practised there
movements. The Poi group which was Blue and Yellow group did poi and got into buddies and came up
with 2 movements together and some shared with the rest of the people.
- Jared, Ben, and Paris


Thursday 1st September
Today the Diamonds were playing fun fraction games on the laptops practicing adding fractions! Later on they went down with the teacher to learn adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators. When they moved on they did a worksheet that included adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators. They all thought it was fun!
By Alex, Josef and Maia.

Today we had a visit from keep dunedin beautiful group. They showed us a play about recycling and that glass bottle/jars go in the blue bin. Also we learnt that only unrecycleable stuff can go in the black bags. In the Green bins with the yellow lid you put, cardboard, plastic, cans, paper. The show was really funny and entertaining and we really enjoyed it.

Josef and Alex

Excellent work on your art works Room 2! They look AWESOME :) Check out the ART page or click on the art below to see the master pieces!
art_3.jpg art_2.jpg
Have a look at the Photo Gallery page and see some photos of what the year 6 students got up to on their visit to Tahuna Intermediate and the Kahurangi dance group performance!

Wednesday 10th August
Congratulations Ariki cup runners! I hear that you all ran very well, congratulations to Joseph, Kirsty, and Sam who all made it through to the Otago champs. Well done to the boys team who came second overall. You should all be very proud of yourselves :)

Red_Nose_Day.jpg Message_2.jpg
Here is the PMI chart we created today reflecting on Term 2 :) There were a lot of things that we thought were positive about this term!


Check out our inquiry presentations about who we think committed the crime! Some students chose to create pamphlets, others chose posters or movies! You will find more examples on our inquiry page :)

Macee_and_PAris_evidence.jpg Maia_and_Saskia_evidence.jpg
Room 2 students interviewing the 3 main suspects! Who do you think committed the crime???

Monday 20th June
Kia ora Room 2! Hope you had a great day with Mrs McK. The masks you started for art are looking great :)
I have had so many positive comments from the teachers and other students about your wonderful dance performances on Friday. Tomorrow we will watch each performance on the projector and you will have a chance to reflect on how you think you went! I am just uploading the clips now, click on the picture above to watch them.

Thursday 16th June

Today in room 2 we got into our groups for our inquiry to make our
powerpoint of the steps that we took to find out who was a possible suspect.
Also room 2 and room 5 practiced for our assembly, we performed our dances
and our song three little birds. Can't wait to show them to everyone!

Wednesday 15th June
Well done Room 2! I was so proud of you today and you should be very proud of yourselves! You all performed your gym routines very well. All of that hard effort you put in has finally paid off. It was so great to see the wonderful scores you achieved. Mr Kemp and I were both excited to be there with such a fantastic bunch of students. You represented Grant's Braes perfectly. Congratulations to the dance group, you looked awesome up there!
Click on the photo above to see some photos of our great day!

Monday 13th June
Wow what an exciting afternoon for the senior school! Finally we were able to put our new knowledge and skills about crime scene investigating to good use! Some of the teachers seemed very suspicious as we collected samples of hair, fingerprints, handwriting, and clothing off them. After analysing these things we have begun to make some exciting conclusions! Who is your main suspect?? Watch this space to find out more!

Friday 10th June
Hope you have a great weekend Room 2! Thank you for your hard work this week, keep it up! Remember to practise your gymnastics routines and dance moves for next week! I have been so impressed with the great writing you have been producing. Make sure some of you take the time to share parts of your writing on your wikipage! If you check out the writingpage you will see the snippets of some peoples writing that we have been analysing in class.
It is so great to see so many of you including what we have been learning about in your own writing!
Miss H
Students_descriptions.jpg Mystery_Writing.jpg

In Room 2 we have been keeping up with the news! Each day we visit Kiwikids News. For homework the students had to find a news article about a country other than New Zealand and then find out more about that country! Today we saw some great powerpoint presentations and posters that the students created. Here are some of them :)

Joseph presented his news article and facts about Germany at the bottom of his wikispace page.


Today a new girl is starting in room 1 her name is Grace. Today we learnt how to write a start of a mystery story. We had the i-pads for reading. In the morning we did gymnastics and we were so good that Mr Kemp and Miss Hubac said that we can have some music on so we were having a lot of fun.


On monday we had NO SCHOOL so we got to stay at home! Today we had to come back to school and we have just finished doing some writing. We had to see if we could get a better verb for walked. We also looked at some peoples writing from our class

and had a look to see if we could find good things they had done in their character descriptions and we highlighted them on the mimio. we are off to gymnastics, see you.


Wednesday 1st June
Some of the people in my class went to palmerston school last week to have a sports day we did crosscountrys,ripper,netball,miniball our school won netball & miniball as well as boys cross country and soccer. It was a challenging but really fun day.


The Inquiry page has been updated with photos of our Dunedin Central Police Station visit! Police_cells.jpg Police_visit.jpg

Have a look at our P.E page to see what we have been up to in Gymnastics and Dance!


Wow! What an exciting afternoon we had learning about fingerprinting. Everyone had the chance to take their own fingerprint and decide which type of fingerprint they had. Is your fingerprint a loop, whorl, or arch? Constable Rei also showed us how to lift fingerprints off a window. We couldn't believe how clearly they showed up! Check out these photos of our eventful afternoon.


Tuesday 17th May

We have been so excited about our inquiry so far this term. Everyday we are learning more and more about what we need to be able to do to solve a crime. Have a look at the photos below showing you some of the activities we have been doing to learn about how science can help us solve mysteries!

we started off the day by sharing some news. It was very interesting. Then we did a bit of math. After morning tea we read a bit of small steps. Armpit has given x-ray a lot of his money . Then as a class we listened to a mystery story. We are doing a activity on it tomorrow. For inquiry we got to see what the criminal had done in the dental clinic. It was very interesting. There was half eaten food and split paint and lots of other weird stuff.

Monday 16th May

On the first week of school we did explanation writing and now we are doing mystery writing. We had A student teacher called Mr Brown for 2 weeks. We have been doing dance and we have learnt about some of the different types eg:hip hop and break dancing. We have been doing gymnastics with room 1 and most people are in level 1. We have been looking at photos from the crime scene to try and find evidence that we might be able to use. Last week Constable Rei came to talk to us about what to look for when looking for evidence. For example, DNA, testimonal evidence, trace evidence, fingerprints, footprints, soil, and glass.
By Summer

Monday 2nd May
Welcome back Room Two! Wow what a start to the term! Today you found out that we have been asked to help solve the crime that occurred in the dental clinic over the holidays, what a HUGE challenge for us! Get your thinking caps on because this week we need to work out what we will have to learn to help solve this MYSTERY!

Friday 15th April
Room 2! Thank you for your hard work all term :) You are such a wonderful bunch of students and you should be proud of what you have achieved so far. There is still so much to learn, so have a great break and bring all of your great ideas and enthusiasm back next term. Here is the PMI chart we created today. We will have a look at it again at the beginning of next term so we can remember the changes we have planned to make!
See you soon. Miss H


Thursday 14th April
Today we filmed videos for inquiry and the video had to be about safety. I chose cyber safety.


On tuesday afternoon we did senior sport there are four groups group1,group2,group3 and group4.group1 did ripper rugby

group2 did altimite frisbe group3 did tee-ball and group4 did cricket. Then we talked about how we could present something on safety. The choices
where poster, vidie, wikispace pages and booklets the highest vote was a vidieo. On wednesday we started of with handwriting some people got on to writing with pen.
in the middle block we did writing we've been writing explanatons. Most people are on publishing on the computars some people


Tuesday 12 april

On monday afternoon we had the laptops, we could either update our wikispace , go on Kiwi to get answers for our upcoming test, or publish our explanations. Today in the morning we read small steps for shared story. In reading we we were told we had to finish our reading activities by the end of the term. Some of us have a lot of work to do in the next 3 days!!!

By Jared

monday 11th april
on friday it was room 4 and 1's class assembly and room 4 shared alot about the alphabet. they made a poem about it and they made paintings of one letter and made it into a picture of something that starts with that letter, it was really cool. Room 1 shared about their numeracy movies for the numeracy wikispace and they also shared about their homework they had to make unique. Ruby did hers on a t-shirt, ella made hers into a tree and hannah made a movie about what she enjoyed this term, they were all awesome ideas. Today the pals had there first game of dogeball for the year 6s and year 5s.
By Macee

Room 2! Wow! What a great week we have had! Thank you for your hard work and fantastic attitude as we have been getting our work finished off. I have really enjoyed reading your explanations, you have researched well and I can tell you have learnt a lot throughout the term about how to write a good explanation!

Remember to visit the kiwi kids news website everyday to keep up with current events :)
Also check out the photo gallery page for Elgregoe photos! Keep updating your individual pages and leave your message on the wall wisher at the bottom of this post :)

Friday 8th April
Yesterday afternoon we did a quiz about things that had been happening in the news. There was an odd stuff section and I got the highest marks in this section. There was also a sport section and a world and New Zealand section. This morning we marked our quizes. Today we started reading our new class book, it is called small steps. It is by the same writer as holes. Next week we have to create a antibullying poster for homework!
By Sam

Thursday 7th Apri
Today we did some maths we did around the world it was fun. After morning tea we read some choice award books. They were "a dog like that" and "the moon and farmer Mcphee" they were awesome books. When we finshed we had some time to do our on explanations. alot of people are on publishing. My explanation is explaining was how venus fly traps work. After lunch we did some p.e. we did dodgeball it was the boys vs the girls. The boys won and after thet round we did Red and Green vs yellow and blue it was fun.
By Joseph

Wednesday 6th April
Today we worked on our explanation writing and some people got on to publishing their explanation! In our class we read some of the New Zealand Post Book Awards picture books. Everyone did their own RAM's form for our inquiry. The R was the risk, what could happen? The A was assessment, why might it happen? The M was management, what could we do to manage or prevent it? Miss Hubac picked out our scenarios. The year 5s did a scenario on the Brighton Beach Day and the year 6s did it on their camp. Today we did a Venn Diagram to compare Holes the movie and Holes the book. To me they seemed the same. Lots of people came up with things that were different and things the same.
By Maia!

Tuesday 5th april
Today we had a wacky day because instead of maths we did writing and after play we watched holes (the movie). It was really cool but a wee bit different than the book. Tomorrow we are doing a venn diagram to compare the book and the movie. In the afternoon we did a technology challenge with mrs De Graaf, we had to make a path that was free standing for a marble to travel diagonally down a piece of cardboard.

monday 4th april
On friday elgregoe came to school my fav trick was the boxes. Today we did some maths we got to go on the !!!!!!!!!!!!!!IPADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can now view the year 6 camp movie on the camp page of our wikispace! Check it out!

Friday 1st april

We are really excited because we have finished holes the book and we can't what to watch holes on tuesday!!!! We have been also learning about impromptu speaking so a couple of us had a turn speaking in front of the class. We all can't wait to go to the elgregoe show this afternoon. This week we have been finding research for our explanations. One of the maths groups have started making videos for a numercey website. All our maths groups will make movies to go on the numeracy wikispace the senior school are creating.
By Briar

friday 7th April


The year 6 Students had their leadership camp at Waiora last week! It was a fun filled, action packed 2 days. Check out the camp page to look at a few photos with more coming soon.


We joined the rest of the senior school for a fun packed day at Brighton beach. We learn a lot about how to keep ourselves safe at the beach!
Check out these photos of day


First Aid