Hi my name is Alex.I like soccer. My best friend is

Yesterday we had athletics with Andy Bay School.I got into the semis for sprints and then came 3rd. I also got past the qualifying distance for shot put. My friend Joe got into the finals for sprints and came 1st.

In 11 more days it will be October! Today we had a reliever, and we made posters for our school fair. Some people did theirs with colouring in pencils, but most people used felts. We also had a maths test for geometry and I think I did well.

last day of the week! Today rooms 5 and 4 (years 3 & 4) had their assembly, they shared some plays with us and some of their art. We also had our homework testing and I got 10/10 for spelling and 12/12 for maths,actually I've gotten that every time! :)

In 2 months and 17 days it will be new years day! Today we read some more of our class book called 'finders keepers' and we're nearly finished! Also I today we DID have senior sport,and I got to play dodge ball with my group and Mr k was running it.

In 2 months and 13 days it will be Christmas! Today I had to do road patrol, actually for the whole week I have to do road patrol.I don't like road patrol because: 1.you have to stand half frozen waiting for people to come and cross. 2.When people do come you have to put your hands up till they're really sore, or you have to move a 'lolly pop' out and keep it there.
a lolly pop
Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of 9/11 because the US is one day behind NZ, so 9/12 would actually be the anniversary 9/11 - it's all very confusing. So anyway today we were going to have senior sport but it was canceled because of the rain and wind which was annoying because I was going to do dodge ball. ): It was also my day to update the home page.If you go on the home you will see some pictures labelled 'shared story' ,me and some others did that. bye.

Our rooms assembly tomorrow. Had a practice today for it and I'm in a stomp group.A stomp group is a group that makes music from stuff around a room, eg: rubbish bin, felts and a book.

???The figure???

As I tramped along the track with my family I remember the long argument about bringing my friend Mike. I get so bored on these walks without someone.

As we trudged along the track through the lush green trees the cold chilly breeze froze my skin. Then Mike tapped me on the shoulder and whispered,” Look over there” and he pointed so I looked in the direction and I jumped with fear, a figure poked out of the dense undergrowth. I whispered back to Mike” lets go get a better look”. And he nodded.

So we crept out of the twisty long track and into the damp cold forest. But the minute we got close to the figure he disappeared out of nowhere.

We both leapt up and turned to run but the figure reappeared in front of us and slowly sank into the moist soft ground in till only his black head poked out of the dirt and then it screamed the loudest I’ve ever heard. As soon as it finished me and Mike looked at each other and ran, we tumbled over logs and ducked under trees until finally we reached the track and galloped to my family.

The minute we reached them I yelled in dad’s face “did you hear that, did you hear that?”
“Oh, I see you meet my friend Paul, he’s a magician” replied dad. “What!” I shouted.
“Didn’t you realise it’s the first of April?”

The End
By Alex

="Police station vist.
1.There are a lot of cells down the bottom.
2.They have a gym in the station.
3.They have a studio for the photos.

My favourite food Chocolate.

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this is my cat

dec_10-feb_11_034.JPGMy goals for this term are to get better at my spelling and also get better at stage 6 maths.

WE had to look after a hardboiled egg for a week. Here is a photo off the egg (after being thrown!). Above3/8/11 Today we almost finshed our art.

Rhino beetle facts.

1.They are the storgest animal to sacle (can lift 850 times it's own wieght.
2.They can be up to 6cm long.
3.They can't harm humans because they don't have a bite.
4.The adults have a exoskeleton.
5.They have wings that fold in.
6.They are nocturnal.
7.They can squeak by rubbing their skin together.
8.They have 1 big horn on their head.
9.They live in south-east Asia and Australia.
10.The males look different to the females.

click here to see a kiwikids news article.
Thinking hats about the article:

White: All blacks vs Tonga was the most watched event in NZ history.
Yellow: Lots of people like rugby.
Black: Now people might not want to watch the rest of the games.
Red: The people in charge will be happy about this.