Fact of the day
happy feet was an emperor penguin!

Our inquiry

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1.Frogs are found all over the world except in Antarctica
2.Most frogs hibernate in underwater mud and lay their eggs in early spring
3.Frogs are known all over the world as exceptional jumpers
4.Frogs cotain 4,810 species and 33 families
5.Many other species from other families are also called toads
6.A American bullfrog can be found in a lake in new jersey
7.Arboreal frogs have toe pads to help grip on to vertical surfaces
8.Sometimes during the tadpole stage, one of the animals rear leg stubs is eaten by dragon nymph
9.the Australian rocket frog, litoria nasuta, can leap over 50 times its body length(5. cm)
10.Many frogs are able to absorb water and oxygen directly through the skin

Yay it's the 5th... because it's my sisters birthday, georgia!! I got her a necklace wit her name on it and it looks cool and i also got her a really expensive braclet!! I think she liked it! On friday she is have a birthday party down at my crib and they are having a sleepover with 5 screaming girls!!!
Today at school we where still working on our persuasive writing i got on to publishing today is well! Then we did our inqury and we are done and we are choosing tomorrow.
Sorry I hadn't written in a while (booo hooo) i have a very very very bad cold so i missed out on the last day of swimming thank you to all my fans out there for supporting me during this tough time...lol. we have been having lots of fun doing our pursuasive writing.For my subject, for my subject I chose to much rubbish in the ocean.
this morning we had or first math session on time we went on a math hunt on the internet to find some good math games for us instead of the teacher doing it! go to the Maths page to check out our findings. At lunch time people went to the hall to see if they wanted to be in a music group/band it was for people who could play a instrument but i only know how to play a recorder or triangle and singing but I'm a horrible singer!! I'm a e-reporter today so keep in touch with the home page to see what me summer and jack post for today!


today was a awesome day because we had a field day at the Edgar center and we did loads of sports and it was so much fun, the new girl in our class got to see her other friends from broad bay school. I made a new friend named kyra and she was awesomely cool. when we got to school we had a Assembly and... i got class award!!!!!(yay)
Today was a cool day cause we got to go swimming and that was fun i got a 5 for my mark which was the highest in my group! We also got a visit from keep nz beautiful play group which was awesome and we learnt alot too!! There wasn't very much people in our class today cause they were all sick or they just didn't want to come to swimming! But I am looking forward to next week swimming lesson!!
Today was my mums birthady had i got her some flowers and the adele 19 cd.it was also the arts fest so i went to that me and Macee won first place!!! We won a box of chocolate and some awesome crayons which are really cool I can't wait to do it tahona same with maths!!
Problem solving test!
We had a problem solving test today it was fun and i got 3!!!!(2nd best in class!) But too bad i wasn't good enough to be in the mathletics group but i guess Alex was just better than me but atleast i get to go and take heaps of pictures, may not be that most exciting est job but at least i was smart enough to be in the problem solving group!!
Friday 19 august-Disco
The disco was lastnight and it was awesome there was lots of cool songs but justin bieber songs were the best by far!(if only he was there). I did a ton of dancing but all the other were screaming!!! i found that swimming will be star up soon which is really exciting!!
I just saw the glee movie it was awesome!! That video with that boy In it featured in the movie. I hope i can see it again some time it was awesome it was about when the glee group all come famous some how and go on concert and it shows all the back stage stuff which was preety cool!!
Goals and looking forward too...
I am looking foreword to more art and maths goals for this term!!!
My goals are to get better spelling
Last day of term
On the last day of the term we were lucky cause we got to watch a really cool movie called gnomeo and Juliet.
Celeb tramped into the living room triping over all the expensive baby toys for faith "blue cheese or Parmesan"he hears his mother call
Trebling & thirding:
24x3= 8x9=72
place value:
393x9 300x9+90x9+3x9=3527

Yay finally our assembly and i got to be assembly leader.
But it was freaky because i had to memorise my mihi and i'm really bad at that but we got to share our dance which was cool!

Police trip visit

Friday 13th May
Today we had assembly I had also joined a gymnastic hip hop dance for the gymnastics festible.
We have all had loads of fun! We have been told that on Tuesday we are going out to bye wearable arts
clothing, accessories and fabric. I had also done my homework super early and super good so i can move up a stage
on the amazing race!!
Wednesday 11th May
Today we have been practicing for our athletics festival in 4 weeks. Yesterday we had done
wearable arts for a competition at the Bayfield school.I am doing an outfit with macee as a them What is our culture??? We also had a peformesne from bayfield called the little shop of horrors. It was about a human eating plant
Today we have been lots of fitness training for a ariki thing going on at the paminsten sports exchange I'm doing netball.
Monday 1st May
I can't believe the holiday are over all ready. I had such a great holiday.
Today we found out there has been a crime scene at our school. Some people have broken
into the dental clinic stole some our valuables. We have changed our inquire
to what does science got to with solving a mystery.

I cant't belive i just watched the one and only Justin bieber
movie in 3d!! I can't belive how amazing he is but you now what they say 'never say never'
I also got the pirple3d glasses!! My favorite part
was when his hand keep son reaching out and ican't
help but reach back!
How do birds fly
Most birds fly there are different ways of flying like
hovering, soaring, flapping and gliding. Most birds are literally built to fly. Except for some flightless birds like the kiwi and the penguin.
birds have feathers to help them fly.the tail helps them steer.It matters on the shape of the wing on how fast or slow a bird can fly. Birds have fewer bones but more muscles.
How it works
Birds move as quickly as possible then flap there wings in order to create their own lift. once airborne they can glide for quite a large period of time. Birds can’t weigh much or the wings have to be quite large.
When\where it is used
Albatross fly in the way of the wind. They can fly for long distances at a time conserving the energy of the wind. when the are going towards the wind they lose a lot of energy so they have to turn back.

Pigeons are special because they can fly really fast. They can find their way to home from really far away. Pigeons have narrow pointed wings witch cause them them to go as fast as they do.
Birds are on of the only animals that can fly. airplanes have it easy compared to birds.

Today we did a lot off things first of I started doing math then I got pulled away to go to the problem solving group. After that we all had a great time learning about easter at bible. After mourning tea time I went to enviro group meeting and we were pealing potatoes the whole time. after that we had lunch that means juicys!!
Once that was over we had assembly and guess what, the enviro group got grant the bear for pealing the potatoes! Then I also got the day of at road patrol(finally).

Today at school we had a really strang test it was to work out news questions like:
Who is prince Williams soon to be wife
What team did the silver ferns verse earlier this year
we also were reading some of the NZ post book awards again.


At school today we were visited be a really cool red cross first add lady and she talked to us about what to if you are hurt or if other people are hurt. One thing I have learnt is how put other people in the recovery position.
Hi I'm Briar and my favorite color is PURPLE and i am 10 years old. 2 things i have enjoyed about school is looking after the egg and playing doge ball.

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My kittycats
The one in the middle is my dan carter cousin!
The one in the middle is my dan carter cousin!