Animals in Zoos
I'm against animals being in zoos because they've got no trees or nature around them.It cruel!!!!! How would you like it
if you were lock up in a cold scary cage with people laughing at you being mean to you???? You've got to let them go
back into the wild NOW!!!! They will never be able to live a normal live again.They will have to do things they will never
wont to do like do tricks, put make-up on and just think about it if we let them free now and they will live a normal life
again that will be way better than having animals being in cages and not being cared at.LET THEM BE FREE

Tuesday 27 September
On Tuesday the hole school went down to Bay field for athletics day

Hey my name is Emilie
I am 10
My fav colour is Purple
My fav singer is Justin Bieber
My fav song is price tag

Wednesday 11 May
Today after school at 4 o'clock I got my ears pierced it was a bit freaky but I am OK.
I got to choose what colour they are and they are Red.THEY LOOK COOL.

Wednesday16 Feburary
hi my name Emilie. my fav thing to do is to hang out with my friends
and look after my egg.But my one is all cracked.But it is still alive.

Monday 11th April
Today the pals did a game called silent dodge ball.We got to
play girls versus boys.Everyone loved the game.At one part
Mr Kemp joined the game and Mr Kemp got mostly all the kids
out on the other team.It was awesome!

Wednesday 13th April
Today I finished publishing my explanation on how fish breathe.
We have been doing explanations for at least 2 weeks now.
They are all really good and interesting.
Mine is awesome! Some people still haven't finished publishing. :(

Monday 2nd May
Today is the first day of term 2. In the holidays someone broke into our school
dental clinic. Today we got a student teacher called Mr Brown. He will be staying with us for
2 weeks. He has broken his arm.

Friday 6th May

Today we got to play dogeball it was fun. We were writing our mystery story's.My one is about

a mum,dad and their daughter and they go to work and they leave a window open and someone

breaks in and steals their electronic things. When they get home they're all gone so they call the