This is the cat from next door that steals food. It is callled Boris.
Hello im Jack and im from Portsmouth,England and I like surfing.

1. To read the Hobbit book
2. To get better handwriting
3. To get better at maths and art.
Today i did practice for the 3 minute run and in 3 minutes i did 5 laps around the playground. I think the most laps in this class was 8 and a half laps.

Hobbit book review
For those of you who are lord of the rings fanatics (like me) then this is the book for you.It`s about Frodos elderly cousin Bilbo Baggins who finds himself going on an adventure with dwarves Dwalin,Balin,Kili,Fili,Dori,Nori,Oin,Gloin,Bifur,Bofur,Bombour and Thorin and the wizard Gandalf. (note Bilbo wasn`t elderly in THIS book he was elderly in the three others)

LOTR the fellowship of the ring book review
This book is brilliant Jr Tolkien did a better job on this one then THE HOBBIT (look up for review) its basicly about the one ring that was lost for about one thousand years until Bilbo Baggins found it in Gollums (or Smeagols) cave and Gandalf chose Frodo and the fellowship of the ring to take the ring to Mordor where they will cast it into the fires of Mount Doom and those of you who are looking forward to the HOBBIT movie go to this website lord of the rings wiki
The Hobbit Movie
The Hobbit is being filmed probaly right now in New Zealand. Peter Jackson is going to make it slightly different to the film though and he's putting into it the white council driving the Nemenor (Sauron) out of Northen Mirkwood. I think its going to be a two-part film so the first one is going to be coming out probaly mid July 2012 and second January 2013.My favorite part of the film would probaly be the first part where the company are captured by Goblins and escape and when Gandalf slays the Goblin king in the Eastern mountains but my second favorite part is the battle of the five armies at the end where Dain the dwarf king,the elvenking of Mirkwood and the master of Lake town vs the Wargs (Wolves gone evil) and Goblins.

Friday 4th November
Today we went swimming at moana pool my group had swimming lessons first and then moved on to kayaking it was cool because you got to capsize yourself near the ending and we played a game were we lined up the kayaks and ran across them.At break for some reason you had to wear a hat when its freezing cold and pouring down with rain at Homework testing i got 9/10 on spelling and 12/12 on maths.

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Simons cat

If you want to see videos of simons cat go on you tube and type in simons cat.

Saturday 12th November
Yesterday there was nothing else to do so I lanched a rocket made out of a plastic bottle and cardboard it did not fly because you need a metal rod to shoot it up snd we dont have that then I walked down to the park oppsite to the school and did practice with my boomarang at one point it almost came back to me curving round but dropped to the ground.

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Sunday 13th November
Today i am going to Lake Wahoila in Clutha country because there is nothing else to do. At lake Wahoila you can swim to the pontoon and i think there is a rope where you jump from a rock or somthing and swing into the lake. If you have a surf board its a good place to practice paddling.

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I dont Know if this cat is Boris or not I just typed in Boris the cat on Google and this came up.

Friday 18th November
Today the year 6's went to constable ray so she could talk to them about this search and resuce thing their going to do at camp.The year 5's out of room 1 came into room 2 to just to silent reading but everyone could do the technology project.Mine Konrads and Bradies was a Lazer pen prototype.On the middle of the day we did dodgeball.

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Monday 21st November
Today I did woodworks group with Ben at Room 8 with Mr Harris. We are almost finished the model catapult and only need to put the poach on the string and lo!

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Tuesday 22nd November
Today I did road patrol on Belford St on the right road it was'nt that hard because all I had to do was put my arms up when a car was coming and down when a car was'nt coming you have to wear these bright orange coats at road patrol.

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These videos are Peter Jacksons video
blogs from 7 months ago.
they are about him making the movie
that is to come out in November
2012 it is called the Hobbit.

Simons cat video

26th Novemeber 2011
Theres been loads of storms in Dunedin this month.