Tim the dynamite and the house

Tim wouldn’t forget the house it was old moldy and rusty. They walked in and the paint was chipped and the floor creaked.
“I hate this house,” yelled Tim
“I don’t care,” sighed Mum I’m locking this basement so you can’t get in” then he saw something across the street dynamite emporium It was like a sign from god he walked in and it said 2 Free sample packs for every new customer “hello, can I have the two free sample packs,”
“Sure,” the shop owner calmly said, “oh here’s a plunger,”
“Thanks,” then Tim walked back to the basement the dynamite with him he set it down and Kaboom then he saw on the door it said #^*^#* (dynamite proo)f “great,” said time sarcastically hey what’s that over there,” a shovel I’ve got an idea,” he brought his dynamite with him Just in case he digged and digged and digged till he finally got to a wall he set his dynamite up went back up the hole and Kaboom he walked inside and to tims amazement he saw a time machine why had mum tried to stop him


.......... 15cm

add them together and you get 90 so the area of the shape is 90cm2 (ninety centermetres square)

what i learned at the police station__

  1. they do not keep them there
  2. they use black powder when identifying finger prints
  3. they have waiting rooms


today most of room 2 and 1 went to the Palmerston sports exchange I stayed back at school because i didn't get chosen for it.
we stayed at school and Mrs McKever taught us stuff like origami i made a rabbit we also could do skuduko and make finger print people.

Wednesday 16 February
hello my name is Jared
I am enjoying art and reading

today the P.A.Ls set up a game of dogeball I went there with sam and I had heaps of fun. honestly I think one of the best things about Grants Braes is the P.A.Ls [phisacal activity leaders.

Tuesday 12 april
On monday afternoon we had the laptops we could either update our wikispace , go on Kiwi to get answers for our upcoming test today in the morning we read small steps for shared story in reading we we were told we had to finish our reading activity by the end of the term
By Jared