external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTRBx-UQStgRftdBFLY7HP9RuZlLtkjFE6TsyeWuLm8qq8onCY7UQ&t=1external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTUzzh1i3v5BONHF2_4weEMXlvX5oFcw13tdM0HbIFMhm1iNTZwIAexternal image Steven%20Gerrard.jpgFriday 14th April

Today we did some impromptu speeches. I had my turn my topic was soccer. After that we did our pmi chart for people to go to the staff room and say the good things, bad things and interesting things. When that was done we did our homework and then we went to bible in school. When morning tea finished we played alot of dodgeball, it was fun and then we had to finish off things we needed to. The best part of the day was when we got to watch a movie called 'diary of a wimpy kid'. It was really funny. I'm looking forward to the holidays cause it was the last day of term today.

Zebra finch

1. visit water holes

2.popular cagebird

3. survive without

4. they are a very small songbird

5. white and black bird

6. 4-7 pale blue eggs

7. like high places

8. tame and easy to approch

9. plant down wool, fur and feathers

10. like to dip there beaks alot down in water holes

ALL BLACKS http://www.kiwikidsnews.co.nz/hot-topics/item/847-all-blacks-cup-squad-named/847-all-blacks-cup-squad-named

Red: Happy for getting in the World Cup Squad

White: For the World Cup there has been 14 forwards and 16 backs selected

Black: Alot of good players missed out

Yellow: With this team we have a good chance of winning


Today my school Grants Braes and Andy Bay walked to Bayfied Park to do an athletics day. Some of the sports we did were shot put, discus,high jump,long jump,hurdles and sprints. For sprints we had semi finals, but I got in automatically because there was not very many under 12 boys there. In the final I got 1st. My best friend Alex was in the under 11 boys, and got in the semi finals and got knocked out there, but he still did well. 

Friday 8th Today at school we did friday fractions it was fun. After maths we went to bible in school. At morning tea we played soccer. When the bell rang to go to class we did some fitness then we did homework spelling and maths that we have to do at home every week. We also started a new book called small steps it sounds like a good book.After lunch we did buddy reading which is when our buddy class room, 5 come and they read to us and we read to them. When we have done we get 5 minutes play and then we have assenbly.

Hi my name is Joseph. I like soccer and cricket my favourite colour is
green. My best friend is Alex . My favourite food is burger king and my favourite soccer player is Gerrard.

We look after eggs for a week. to see a smashed egg click here and scroll down.

17 Thursday February

On Thursday a first aid lady came to teach Room 2 about first aid she was really nice she got us a booklet to fill out. I learnt how to put people in a recovery postion.

On Monday this week we got to look after an egg for the week to see if we were ready to look after an egg. My egg went to Lachie, Josef and Liams daycare during lunchtimes. It was really annoying looking after an egg for a week. I think I am responsible for it but I found it quite boring taking an egg everywhere as I am very busy.

These are my cats Pippy and Bella
My pink cast

7th June 2011HOMEWORK
Room 2 have been keeping up with the news.This week we had to find world news on the television,radio,newspaper or internet
I found mine in the newspaper. I chose Germany because I found a good article on it. Here it is.


In Germany a girl turning 16, used her Facebook account to invite her friends to her birthday party - but forgot to uncheck “invite to your friends only”.

More than 15,000 Facebook users replied that they would be coming to her party. In the end 1,500 party goers showed up on the night.

It was reported that there had been no serious violence, although some party goers vandalized nearby vehicles and set fire to garbage bins and even a garden shed.

11 people got arrested.


Population:82.5 Million People

Climate:Germany's Climate Is Mild & Pleasant

Famous Landmark: Rhine River



Famous Person: Adolf Hiltler World War 2

Favourite Sport: Football

Food: Pork Sausages (Frankfurters)

About 3 days ago we watch holes because we read the book they were almost the same.

external image Holes.jpgexternal image holes_77968532.jpg

Thursday 14th April

Today we did around the world I won. After we did some maths in are maths groups it was fun. When the bell rang to go into class we were playing jump. When we got in we did readind in groups then we started a video for safety that we are making. After lunch we started to video people we were in groups then the bell rang to go home.

Goals for term 3

get to stage 8 in basic facts
work neatly in all my books
read more books


I am looking forward to maths and p.e.

Thursday 9th June

Today we did some maths.Also we did readig after that we did some writing we had to write some mysterstorys. After lunch wedid some foot prints because somebody brook into the school then we did dance.

Saturday 18h September

Tommorow me and my dad are going to Queenstown because i am an otago rep for football i am going in my dad new car because he got a new job at football south. Tommorow when i go up i am going to take my psp
because its along ride from Dunedin to Queenstown my favourite bit will probally be having the chance to go upto Queenstown this weekend.


Today we did some maths it was fun. After morning tea we read small steps and then played some games outside. When we got inside we did reading. After lunch we did inquiry for are profile reports and art for them as well.

Pal Training Day

Today we had to go and do a PAL training because we got picked to be PALS from the school. PAL's are people who run games for kids in the school. We got to miss a lot in class and we learnt some new skills and games like patta tennis dodge ball and castles. They were really fun..

HOMEWORK 27th June

Job Description for a crime investigator:

The person needs to be:
  • Able to work all hours and at times for a number of hours on end
  • Keep himself and scene of the crime safe
  • Good at recording information
  • Have skills to interview people
  • Know how to do foot and finger prints
  • Know how to analyse handwriting
  • Able to think outside the box

external image Henry_Huggins.jpg

Book Review for Homework

This book is about a boy called Henry Huggins. He lives on Klickitat Street. He is a bit naughty and has lots of adventures. He is about 10 years old and has brown hair. He finds a dog and tries to take it home on the bus but he has to put the dog in a box. He has lots of problems and ends up going home with the dog in a police car. The dog he finds is so skinny that you can see all his ribs so Henry calls it Ribsy. He is a scruffy friendly dog. On Henrys Street there is an annoying girl called Beezus who always interferes with him and what he is doing. The author of this book is Beverly Cleary. The book is suitable for people who enjoy reading. The story is set in America a long time ago. In one of the chapters Henry buys some guppies and they make lots more baby guppies. His whole room was filled with them.