Measurement Games



Time Games Hunt!

Save the link for any time games you find during your hunt today below here:

Converting analog to digital
Learning how to read analogue, 24 hour time and knowing am and pm.
Telling the time on an Analog clock
Tellng the time in a few hours
making the right time on a analog clock





Multiplication and Division Games


Skater Maths - Play Multiplication
Four in a row
Times table timer
Demolition Division
Multiplication games

Diamonds and Squares

Four in a row
Times table timer
Division Machine
Division games
Multiplication games


Quick Calculate
Division Machine
Division games

Have a look at Lachie's fantastic powerpoint!

It shows some of the addition and subtraction strategies!

Addition and Subtraction games


Speed Grid Challennge
Power Line Challenge
Mental Math machine
Maths Monster Play Hard
Addition Pyramid
Batters Up Baseball


Addition Pyramid
Speed Grid Challenge
Addition facts to 20 - FUNKY MUMMY
Maths Monster Play Medium
2 Player Maths Game


Six Circles
Adding Decimals - Basketball
Adding Decimals - Soccer
Adding Decimals
Mental Math machine
Power Line Challenge
Batters Up Baseball


Tuesday 8th February

This term in room 2 we are learning about addition and subtraction using the numeracy project (for more info on the Numearcy project see the links below). The children will be learning some new strategies to help them solve problems easier. The more we work on the strategies the easier the problems will be to solve. Ask your child to bring their Math's Scrapbook home and you can work on some problems together :) You never know the children might teach you something!

Math's Links and Games

  • Times Tables Game - An Excellent game for you to use at home to improve your times tables - test yourself, keep a record and improve your tables.
  • Fraction Game - A game for showing you different ways to look at 1/2

Numeracy Information for Parents

Activities to help your child -

What is the numeracy project? -

What can I do to help my child with maths? -

Glossary of Maths terms -

We will update this regularly see you can see what we are doing in class to do with Mathematics.