Hi Everyone
We have had a great week in Room 2. It has been a week full of physical activity! The gym festival went very well on Wednesday. The children performed their routines beautifully and Grant's Braes School stood out for knowing the routines correctly. Craig and I were both very impressed with the students behavior on the day and were proud to be there with them. Thank you to the parents who were able to come along and support the students. Also a huge thank you to Nikki VP who has been helping us with gym on Tuesday afternoons and was able to be there to judge on Wednesday.The students were very excited to share their dances at assembly. I have been impressed with how well they have been able to work together to create their dances. Today they assessed each other on how well each group included things such as levels, directions, positions, interesting moves and timing. Thank you to everyone who came along to assembly today, it was great to see so many parents there to watch.Next week Rebecca will be teaching the class on Monday and Thursday while I take my release time.Congratulations to Sam Cuthbert, he received our class award today for putting a lot of effort into his reading and making a great improvement.Sorry about the mistake on the homework sheet last week! This week the students are creating a presentation/review on a book they have enjoyed reading lately.Hope you have a great weekend.Kind Regards