Persuasive Writing

We have been looking at features of a persuasive piece of writing - Have a look at some of the features we found in this text using our mimio!


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We use an inquiry approach for our writing programme. At the moment we are learning how to write explanations.

We have begun our research for writing our own explanations. Watch this space, soon you will be able to read some great explanations published by the wonderful writers in Room 2 :)

Here is a checklist of what Room 2 thinks should be in a good explanation. We created a cross clarification chart which has these headings. After looking through some explanations and deciding which of these aspects are most important we are going to create marking criteria for our own explanations

Explain how or why something happens

  • Title
  • Introduction -
  • What is it, tells the reader what you are writing about
  • Subtitles
  • Labelled diagrams
  • lists - Bullet points
  • Topic related words
  • True facts
  • Paragraphs -
  • One main idea, key points, examples/extra details
  • Punctuation
  • Pictures/photos -
  • Scientific photos, captions, labels
  • Summary
  • Index/glossary
  • Flowchart -
  • different steps/stages
  • Key
  • Information box
  • Description of parts
  • Cause and effect

Here is an example of our inquiry writing process

  1. First we read examples of a type of genre we are learning about.
  2. We find and look for features used in this type of writing.
  3. Next we make a 'test' criteria for what we think makes a GREAT piece of writing.
  4. We then test our criteria out by using a cross classification chart (tick chart).
    external image msword.png
    external image msword.png
    Cross Classification - Fairy Tales.doc - here is an example.
  5. After we have tested our criteria we have finally discovered what makes a GREAT piece of writing.
  6. We use this to make our own criteria and these are the things we focus on during our writing process
    external image msword.png
    external image msword.png
    Final Marking Criteria for a GREAT Fairy Tale.doc - here is an example of a final marking criteria sheet.
  7. Once we reach the writing process we follow the picture below.


  1. Here are the sheets that we use when author circling (reading and assessing each others writing to make it better).
    You will learn how to Author Circle (see below) which will make sure we are helping each other make our writing BETTER and more exciting to read. Our new Author Circle Routines are here: